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Toph Bei Fong

Toph Bei Fong also known as The Blind Bandit or The Runaway is a member of Team Avatar, she is possibly the most powerful Eathbender alive despite the fact that she is blind. She is Aang's earthbending teacher and seems to be a rival of Katara. Toph has a rather sarcastic attitude and normally shows that by making fun of Sokka.


Toph's parents are incredible wealthy and due to her blindness, she was kept secluded and segregated from the outside world. Before she met Aang, her attire consisted of a posh Earth Kingdom dresses and jewellery however after she joined the team she changed to wearing a green robe with cream overall and a green headband.

Tophs blindess is also her greatest weapons and what makes her a powerfull Earthbender. Toph can sense the vibrations in the ground telling her if her enemies are trying to surprise her, she can use this also to depict her way through mazes and see the internal structures of buildings or underground tunnels. Toph is also the only known master of Metalbending a technique which uses the earth particles inside metal and manipulating them.

The Blind Bandit

Due to her overprotective parents secluding her from the rest of the world, Toph began to take up Earthbending Wrestling under the name: The Blind Bandit. She remained undefeated as the champion until Aang used his Airbending to knock her out of the ring. As of meeting Aang, Toph abandonned the name although she is still refered to it by other wrestlers like the Hippo and the Boulder.

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